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  • For unto us a child is born 22 December 2014 For unto us a child is bornNo doubt that this Christmas these well-known words will be heard again
  • Kwaku Jacob and the donkey 10 December 2014 Kwaku Jacob and the donkeyKwaku Jacob has lived in Hand in Hand for over 4 years now,
  • Ebola and the FEAR 27 November 2014 Ebola and the FEARThe outbreak of EBOLA in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone
  • Water and electricity in PCC 17 November 2014 Water and electricity in PCCWater and electricity are two of the fundamental necessities of nearly everybody here on earth. 
  • The new centre of PCC is ready! 3 November 2014 The new centre of PCC is ready!We are very happy and proud in PCC, because several facilities in the new centre of PCC
  • Abandoned child now Benjamin! 23 October 2014 Abandoned child now Benjamin!It is only about 10 weeks ago that Miriam was put and abandoned at our gate.
  • Newsflashes from PCC 12 October 2014 Newsflashes from PCCJeannette and I have been back in PCC since last week after an absence of 6 weeks.  
  • HOPE springs eternal 1 October 2014 HOPE springs eternalWe have recently welcomed a few men from Ghana, Germany and the Netherlands in Hand in Hand.  
  • An Obituary for Quinten 21 September 2014 An Obituary for QuintenWhen about 2-year-old Quinten arrived at Hand in Hand 14 years ago,
  • Party’s in PCC 9 September 2014 Party's in PCCParty’s in PCC   Often you can read in my columns something like: “ … and finally we enjoyed a ...
  • SKIP 2014 28 August 2014 SKIP 2014A new SKIP experience for PCC   Just like the past 3 years 12 medical students from England came this summer ...
  • Crying near the gate 15 August 2014 Crying near the gate    Thursday evening around 19.30, one hour after sunset.
  • An important visitor for PCC 2 August 2014 An important visitor for PCCAn important visitor came to PCC!
  • Royal Community Hall 19 July 2014 Royal Community HallThe largest constructional change in PCC that is planned for this year
  • Brief news from PCC, July 2014 6 July 2014 Brief news from PCC, July 2014In this Albert’s Corner we would like to share with you some fine and interesting news about PCC.  
  • Lisa’s smile 24 June 2014 Lisa's smile  If the frequent smile of a child is a good indicator of a comfortable and pleasant children’s life,
  • Ghana, the Netherlands and the World Cup 13 June 2014 Ghana, the Netherlands and the World CupGhana, the Netherlands and the World Cup By the time this column is published on the website the World Cup in ...