PCC – a miracle from above

PCC – a miracle from above!

This time a different than usual column in Alberts Corner, less words, but more nice pictures, because a picture is worth a thousand words!
Through the years many people feeling connected to PCC–Hand in Hand did visit our Community, but for many more a visit to Ghana and PCC unfortunately has not (yet) been possible.
Understandably it is rather difficult for this last and large group of people to imagine how PCC really looks like.
We have experienced that many first time-visitors are surprised when walking around in our Community. During their visit  they often tell us that the Community appears to be much larger than they imagined.
Fortunately ……… now there is very good news for all those who can’t get a clear imagination of how PCC looks like, as we do have some very nice shots of the Community!!
The shots are made with a drone owned by two very kind visitors, who were so happy while visiting PCC that they decided to surprise us with these shots.
Because the shots are so nice and telling so much we like to share these shots with all those reading Alberts Corner, hoping it will help you to create a true picture of the layout and size of the Community for yourself.
Just watch the nice aereal photos of PCC in the slideshow.
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As aerial picturs normally don’t show so many of the residents we also included some nice portraits of a number of our residents enjoying life here. For them it doesn’t matter if drones are flying over or not.
Just look to the photos of Shalomina, Maame Serwaa, Eno Mary, Sue, William of Orange and Kwame Addai and take good notice of their appearance.
As beautiful as the compound and buildings of PCC might be, at the end it is most important that our residents feel safe and secure here.
Thanks to among others our sponsors and donors they can smile and enjoy a good life in PCC every day.
PCC – a miracle from above!
As said before: a picture is worth a thousand words!