Support us

Are you really touched by the story of Hand in Hand and concerned with the fate of our residents? You can support our work in various ways, e.g. as a sponsor, as donor or by buying products from the sheltered workshop.
It’s even possible (and very pleasant as well!) to come and visit Hand in Hand once or to work here as a volunteer for some time.

On this page you will find all information needed to support the work done by PCC in one or the other way.
Thanks in advance!


Name account: Stichting Hand in Hand

IBAN account number: NL24 RABO 0127 7641 43

Adress: Ouddorp 22, 5954 BD Beesel, The Netherlands
International Bank code: SWIFT / BIC RABONL2U


Would you like to support the good care of the children in the Hand in Hand Community? That would be a great gesture, for we can’t do it without support. For more information, please contact us.

It’s possible to follow the development of ‘your child’ e.g. by sending us an email with some questions of by visiting the website regularly, but it’s much nicer to come and visit Hand in Hand and ‘your child’ once yourself!
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It’s best for our Community when the care for all children is sponsored by a monthly, quarterly or annual financial support. Sometimes groups, like churches, schools or families, join together to sponsor a child.

Also single donations are much welcomed. The children are living in PCC with the idea that the care and love shown to them now will be there in future for ever. For many of them that will be for quite a long period, in fact for the rest of their lives and that might be for another 80 years or so!
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Donations from Germany

If you are living in Germany, you can also support us via our German sister organization Ananse:

Selling products

In our sheltered workshop some beautiful products are made .
In the weaving hall there are some nice, traditional looms, where some of our youngsters are weaving traditional designs (Kente) used for producing scarfs, bags, toilet bags etc.
In the beads hall a good number of products is made, like necklaces, bracelets and key holders and in the sewing hall African or Kente fabric is used to produce bags, I pad bags, aprons, toilet bags, tablecloths and placemats etc.
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The Hand in Hand Community wholeheartedly welcomes volunteers the whole year through. We need assistance either in the sheltered workshop, where about 25 – 30 young adults are supported in having an interesting and meaningful way of spending their days, or in caring for all 65 children living permanently in the Community. Assistance is requested during feeding times for some of the disabled children, to play and interact with children during Special Attention, to go to the Sensory room or just walk and play with some of the children during the daily activities or joining the daily pool hour.
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