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Below you will find the prices per January 2024 of the products of the Sheltered workshop, sold in Europe.

Products Price
Bracelet, recycled plastic (small beads) 1,00
Bracelet, recycled plastic (big beads) 2,50
Bracelet, various types Ghanaian beads 5,00
Etui, African fabric, 5,00
Etui, African fabric with foam 7,00
Etui, Kente fabric 5,00
Bibs 4,00
Bike seat cover, made of water bags 4,00
Folding shopping bags 4,00
I-pad bag African fabric, 6,50
I-pad bag African fabric, with foam 9,50
Mobile phone bags 5,00
Neglices 1,50 – 15,00
Ear rings 4,00
Party Flags 4,00
Placemat (1x ), African fabric 8,50
Apron, African fabric, adults (children cheaper) 13,50 (– 9,00)
Scarf, Kente fabric 8,00
Key holder (puppet, octopus or crocodile) 4,50
Picknick cloth, African fabric 20,00
Bag, schoolbag – backpack  (small is cheaper) 18,00 (- 13,50)
Bag, shoulder, African fabric 7,00
Bag, shoulder, Kente fabric 10,00
Bag, shopper, stiff 15,00
Bag, shopper, waterbags lining 12,00
Toilet bag, African fabric 9,00
Toilet bag, made of water bags 7,00


It is possible to obtain some of the beautiful products even outside Ghana!
You can order by sending an email with your order or questions to the coordinator of sales in Holland / Europe.

Thanks in advance for your order!

The profit of all sales are used for running Hand in Hand.