From the crown of corona to the light of Chrismas Eve

From the crown of corona to the light of Christmas Eve

Dark clouds were hanging over the whole world this year as a result of the corona pandemic which has (officially) cost the lives of already more than 1,5 million people up to now. Considering the fact that corona means “a ring of light” (around the sun or moon) it is quite contradictory.
We have all seen how “crowned” corona in 2020 became the new ruler of this world. Each and every one had to keep to the strict measures taken by this new and absolute ruler, among which there were social distancing, lockdowns, hygiene requirements, testing and contact tracing, no singing in church, wearing face masks and so on.
Who had thought it possible a year ago that the crown of corona would take over our entire society: medically, economically and socially speaking? The world appears not to be as makeable as we may have thought for a very long time.
Over 2,000 years ago there was darkness over Bethlehem during Christmas Eve as well, but suddenly there was a “ring of light” of a completely different and new order. The shepherds saw the wonderful light of the army of Heavenly Angels who spoke of a new King, the Saviour of the world, the long-awaited Messiah and Prince of Peace.
However, Jesus, the long-awaited Prince of Peace, did neither come to the world to rule nor to sow death and destruction, but rather to bring peace and to give His life so we would live a life of eternity. Light that disperses all darkness.
For many residents of PCC – Hand in Hand life also started in darkness and sorrow. A “ring of light” or happiness was not visible at their birth. They were not welcomed and loved but abandoned because of their limitations. You could say that these children were confronted with social distancing in extremity.
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Since their arrival in PCC there has been light and happiness again for these children, there is no social distancing anymore, on the contrary, there is closeness, good care, warmth and affection. Also, the children are being fully stimulated in their development.
They are most welcome and given the opportunity to live according to their abilities. The smile on their faces is like the ring of light visible each day.
Unfortunately, there is still social exclusion of people who are physically and/or intellectually disabled in Ghana and we realize PCC is not paradise. However, inspired by the light of Christmas Eve our caregivers and other employees of PCC are trying to show a different reality, that of a Community in which people support each other, where people live together in the way it should be like, even though it is a life of brokenness.
The contrast couldn’t be greater. Wherever the crown of corona is ruling we witness an unruly world of death and distress, certainly not a ring of light.
Fortunately, corona has not penetrated PCC yet and life goes on in its happy and “usual” way. In our Peace of Christ Community we are trying to make the Peace of Christ visible by offering a ring of light to all of our residents who have often genuinely missed it for years and who need this so badly. During Christmas the light in PCC will be shining even more brightly than during the rest of the year!
All over the world people are eagerly looking forward to the celebration of the birth of Christ. We are all longing for a world in which there is no sorrow and death anymore. Where the Light disperses dark forces like corona for ever. What a heavenly perspective!
All residents and all members of the PCC family wish you Peace and all the very best in this corona year.
May the ring of light of Christmas Eve be fully visible in your life too!