Christmas Eve 2016

For over 2,000 years we have celebrated Christmas

the birth of Jesus Christ in a stable in Bethlehem.
But suppose that Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem hadn’t happened yet and that this wonderful night would take place in the year 2016, what would that be like then?
Would the shepherds still be keeping watch over their flock in the fields?
Probably yes, because the life of sheep and shepherds hasn’t changed very much in the course of the years.
Would there be room for Joseph and Mary in the inn now?
No, there wouldn’t. Probably they would have been told also now: “Go away, there is no room for you”. These words can be heard all over the world nowadays, the world hasn’t become a more hospitable place since then.
Would a multitude of the heavenly host also be praising God now and singing “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!” during that dark Christmas Eve?
Well, it is to be hoped that a chorus of angels will not mind any bombers because these tend to do their lethal work more than often in the Middle East; bombing among others hospitals, homes and probably many inns and stables too.
Do the Magi still come from the East?
It is to be doubted. Nowadays most countries east from Bethlehem are continuously engaged in armed tribal wars or dramatic warfare. Religious fanaticism dispels tolerance and common sense seems to have disappeared at all, so no positive circumstances for wise men.
One wonders whether there still is one wind direction on our earth wise men do come from, because all over the world there is foolishness and short-sightedness, fanaticism and intolerance, hardening and anger driving away wisdom.
No, considering all this the conclusion is inevitable:
What happened during Christmas Eve 2,000 years ago cannot take place in Bethlehem in 2016 just like that.
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We will have to be on the search for a completely different story for Christmas Eve. What about the following scenario?
Goats and donkeys are grazing the compound of PCC and shepherd Abraham is guarding and looking after them, it looks the fields of Ephrata.
The Harmattan wind from the desert in the north makes the nights cool and skies clear, ample room for a chorus of angels (if they are not allergic to small dust particles in the air…..).
Ghana is a hospitable country so there is a big chance that Joseph and Mary will not be sent away, that there is room for them for example in an old barn in Nkoranza where there are an ox and a donkey standing next to a manger.
Kofi Asare is singing “Silent night, Holy night” passionately, his voice can be heard high up in the heavens. The nights over PCC are certainly silent and the starry skies are looking heavenly, maybe even holy.
Whether there are 3 Magi coming to PCC we will still have to see. However, surely many good-hearted and wise people from all over the world are coming to PCC, not to rule but to serve.
For many residents there was no room elsewhere, but they were very welcome in PCC – Hand in Hand Community. They live peacefully together: fortunately “The blind and the lame shall not come into the house”  (2 Samuel 5:8) has not become reality here.
A wonderful scenario, don’t you think?
Whether it will ever put be to film, we don’t know yet. Of much greater importance is that this scenario has already become a visible reality here: it can be seen and experienced in Nkoranza. Hallelujah!
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward the PCC residents and you all.
Merry Christmas!