Some nice news about PCC

This column is written to inform all readers of Albert’s Corner about some interesting and nice new developments in PCC.

It will keep all of you updated.
No more POP for Stephen.
In November Stephen had an orthopaedic operation to get his knees fully straightened and after 6 weeks, in January, his POP was removed. During the first days his walking without POP and braces, only using his crutches, felt strange, but very soon he showed his resilience and perseverance.
It’s a real pleasure to notice his happiness and determination to continue with his rehabilitation e.g. by biking on a tricycle and we are very curious to find out if at the end Stephen will be able to stand up and walk upright without crutches, we really hope so.
Moses still in POP after operation
Moses has not gone that quick, his POP can probably be removed in April. He is now very agile when going around with his walking cast that he got in February. But to know the final outcome of his operation we have to wait a bit until the POP is removed. Then the idea and hope is that he will be able to walk straight with a special (= elevated) shoe sole. So we wait in tension for what’s coming.
New washing machines
In December 2016 I informed you already about 2 new washing machines for PCC. In the mean time we found out that the performance of the machines was very satisfying, so early this year we decided to buy 2 extra washing machines to have sufficient capacity to handle the increasing load of laundry and wash all “cleaner than clean”.
Everyone is very happy with these machines, it makes quite a difference compared to the heavy work of hand wash and therefore we are very grateful to our donors for their royal gift.
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Abass still recovering
In May 2016 Abass felt very sick, even in such a way that we feared for his life. Fortunately he survived but when finally coming out of the Hospital he was almost paralysed. Slowly but certainly he recovered, but the healing process went so slow that we were afraid his recovery wouldn’t bring him back to being able to walk again.
But you see, wonders never cease!
Meanwhile Abass is able to put a good number of steps unassisted (though still a bit wobbly, but that’s what he somehow also did before his illness) and he talks again in his own special and inimitable way.
We are happy with and grateful for his recovery and hope he will continue to come quite back to the old Abass he was!
PCC website
New on our website:
1 – a beautiful YouTube movie with a recent Overview of PCC, see the page “About us”   +
2 – the PCC 2016 Annual Report, with all important stories and figures at a glance, use the link “Annual reports archive”.
Family expansion
To get an offspring of 10 at a time is very special and yet it happened in PCC!
Ok, it wasn’t one of our children or caregivers who delivered, but it concerned one of the pigs living in PCC since last year.
The pigs and piglets are not walking around loose on the compound, but they live in specially made stables in a corner of our Community.
I’m not sure if I can say “and they lived happily ever after” knowing that Baffo started the pig farming with a certain purpose……
But as long as they are living here I know it will be a good time….