Hagar Daawa Asare

Born: 10.11.1988
Financial adoption:

TekstHagar came to the workshop in 2006. She is a very calm and quiet girl. Because she dislikes working with the beads, she spends her days at one of the daycare programs. She understands all that is spoken very well, but will not speak herself. Sometimes however she repeats single words. Hagar loves singing, especially religious songs and “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”. She does not often join sing-alongs but she will laugh and clap her hands. Going on walks also makes Hagar very happy. Because Hagar can’t move safely without falling she needs a hand. Holding your hand makes her sometimes so joyful that she starts to dance. Walking alone she spreads her arms out wide; she may do this as a balancing act but it gives her the appearance of an angel ready to take off in flight towards the sky.