PCC Physio and Day Care (again) improved!

Regular readers of this column will definitely remember the major improvement in physiotherapy

brought about by the Dutch physiotherapist Inge Maters during the summer of 2015 as a result of her special expertise, unflagging dedication with catching enthusiasm and a great drive.
See for more information: http://www.operationhandinhand.nl/?p=4494
Just nine months later we could welcome Inge again in PCC. Definitely she also experienced that PCC, once you have been there, hangs on to you!
This time she came with her daughter Sophie, her colleague Ingrid and care manager Marian and for sure we noticed they were around, especially for Physio and Day Care.
Last year the physiotherapy was already raised to a higher level, not only by introducing many new exercises, but also by giving attention to the best posture for children in a wheelchair and for correct orthopaedic shoes and braces.
Of course it wasn’t easy for our caregivers to give physiotherapy at a high level without having continuous expert guidance, so getting a “quality boost” once a year surely is an important support.
Like last year Inge brought many useful materials to PCC this time again, like new aids for exercises, suitcases full of orthopaedic shoes and braces and also a standing table, a walker and a wheelchair. It all just fitted into the rather big boot of the PCC official car.
Together with Ingrid Inge carried on actively with all physio children and the caregivers / physio assistants. It’s great to observe and feel that new energy is created and that caregivers go their own way with renewed enthusiasm because of the transfer of knowledge.
Everyone in PCC really enjoyed the one afternoon when all caregivers were asked to practise themselves the exercises normally offered to the children just to make them feel what these exercises actually do to and with you. There was a lot of trying, even more puffing and…. lots of laughter!
And most important of course one can see that the physio really works for the children, e.g. Benjamin and Amma Lekma who look into the world in a different, much more active way while on the standing table.
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Day Care
The daily programme of the two PCC Day Care groups was really in need of some kind of maintenance and that’s what triggered care manager Marian after some days of observation. Just like the others she brought a lot of interactive materials and handy aids for a wonderful new daily programme for all Day care children.
The result is impressive: there are now 3 Day Care groups instead of 2, there is more changing of caregivers over the 3 groups, a bigger variety of activities and perceptible more joy and energy.
We now also possess some I-Pads for interactive working with the children, it’s stimulating and studious for the children and fun for the caregivers!
External experts who are willing and able to come and visit PCC regularly (e.g. annually) prove to offer quite an added value to our Community through their dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm.
The Dutch Hand in Hand Support Foundation acknowledges the importance of a regular input of expertise and supports this idea where and when necessary.
We are very grateful to Inge, Ingrid and Marian for their important and much appreciated new input into the level of care in PCC and to Sophie for her magnificent job as “junior caregiver”!
Who is next??
This concept tastes moreish, everyone in PCC enjoys these injections of quality in PCC care, loves the dynamics that comes with it and appreciates all valuable remarks from experts who often are very much impressed by what PCC is already offering.
Would you also like to support PCC? Please, feel free to contact us and inform us about your ideas and opportunities.
And…. maybe we will write about you and your support to PCC in a future column!?! You are invited!