A Strong Network


People who have visited Ghana know how difficult it is to get a decent network connection here.

Especially away from the bigger cities and towns. You can hear people frequently sigh out loud: “No Network”!


Fortunately, a completely new Network has been set up, which has established a very strong connection between Hand in Hand (HIH) in the Netherlands and PCC in Ghana. It is not an ICT-network but a Network of people!


In the two most recent columns in the Albert’s Corner section, two of the three members of this Network, Sofanne Ravensbergen and Jeannette Klein, have introduced themselves to you. And you are familiar with the third member of the Network, namely Inge Maters, for some time already.


What is the function of The Network and why was it founded?


Well, during the last few years it has become apparent that the health of both (Mama) Jeannette and me is not something which can be taken for granted automatically. In July 2021 as well as in May/June 2022 Jeannette was not able to travel to Ghana, because of health problems.

Of course, we opt for a good and long-lasting recovery, but we also felt, together with the board of HIH, that we were obliged to take all reasonable precautions to make the connection between HIH and PCC less vulnerable.


That is the reason why The Network, consisting of 3 (+2) members (for the time being), was founded:

  • Sofanne, she is an ex-volunteer and a doctor in the meantime,
  • Jeannette Klein, she is our new treasurer as from this year as well as the HIH sponsor coordinator and
  • Inge, she is a member of the board of HIH as well as the much-appreciated physio expert of PCC since 2015.



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All three of them are prepared and able to travel to Ghana for about three weeks each year to support the Board of PCC as much as possible in its development policies and management strategies. In this way they will be able to contribute to good liaisons with and an adequate information exchange between HIH and PCC. They will stay in Ghana separately from each other and spread out over the year. Each of them is an expert in her own field but also a reference point for various other things and questions.


On top of that, for as long as possible – and hopefully for a very long time to come! –  Mama Jeannette and I will be part of The Network as coordinators, so that is why I wrote: 3 (+ 2) people!


Besides these three ladies, there are others who visit us each year to help and guide us with their good advice, like Sue Hatton from England. She is our expert on autism and the developer of the internal PCC Training Programme for our caregivers. Sue has been coming to PCC since 2007!


The Board of PCC is much pleased with this development because The Network will grant a strong connection between HIH and PCC, which will be no longer dependent on the health of 1 or 2 members of the Board. The latter is potentially threatening a strong connection. Ghanaian words of wisdom say: “Nobody knows the future…”, so you better be prepared…!


The Network has been evolving since October 2021 and in the meantime Sofanne as well as Jeannette Klein and Inge have stayed in PCC at least once since that time and in their new Network function. A wonderful and new learning process for both the three of them and for PCC!


We sincerely hope that we will have ample time and opportunity to make this Network grow and flourish. The enthusiasm and effort of the members of The Network, which is beyond all doubt, will certainly contribute to its success!