Unbelievable, also Linda passed away


Unfortunately the last quarter of 2022 will be remembered for long as a dark and sad period for our Community.


The grief was already huge after the passing away of 3 of our residents, Bernice, Wumpini and Kojo Joseph and now, just before Christmas, we also lost our sweet Linda.

What a sadness, what a grief, it’s unbelievable, but unfortunately it is true.


Linda came to live with us just a few years ago. From birth on she was suffering from spina bifida. First her mother took good care of her but after she died, despite the good intentions of her father, she lacked lots of care and attention, with loneliness and serious bedsores as a result.

She became socially isolated in her village, was not welcome at school or even outside her own house.


For some time we tried to support the care for Linda in her village as much as possible, to enable her to continue living at home, but when we found out that it was not effective and realized that despite various talks she was still not accepted in her village we decided in 2020 to welcome her as a resident in PCC.


Here she was living up and flourishing, her wounds healed quickly and her face beamed every day. She became good friends with Emmanuella, they behaved like real sisters, wonderful to see them talking and laughing.


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In November she felt ill and was admitted in the Hospital. After a few days and having a blood transfusion she was discharged from the Hospital but her condition was still not good and therefore she was re-admitted that same day.

After some time she returned again to PCC, now with lots of medication. We could notice clear signs of liver dysfunction with jaundice and she felt very weak.


That feeling of weakness stayed during the weeks after, she was better only on and off. Also one of the bedsores wounds showed a small hole and pus was seen.

One day after taking her dinner she went to lay down for some rest and she never woke up again. Our dear Linda had passed away.


It was only for a few years that she could enjoy a pleasant life amid other people while enjoying lots of attention and good care, without doubt these were some of the best years of her life. She was loved by all, very modest and always cheerful and in for a joke.


We would have loved her to enjoy more happy years in our Community, but it was not be meant to be.

We don’t understand but have to accept that she is no more with us.


May she find rest, comfort and Gods love forever under the wings of our Father in Heaven.

Rest in perfect peace, dear Linda.