“Run-Away-Man” ‘s last journey


Today the last episode of the life story of Run-Away-Man, also known as Yaw Peter 

(see also AC April 2023).

Yaw Peter was born about 42 years ago in Nkwabeng, a village close to our Community. He was born with limited intellectual capabilities. He has been part of PCC since 2000, first as a worker in the sheltered workshop, later as a permanent resident.


Because the village of his birth is close to Nkoranza, Yaw Peter built a reputation as “Run-Away-Man” in the course of the years. To him the grass was always greener on the other side of the wall of PCC.


Had he been in PCC – Hand in Hand for a while, he would sometimes climb the wall of our premises and walk back to his village, especially when he knew there would be a funeral or another party taking place, because funerals and (funeral) parties, were a great hobby of his.


Then he would dance like he had never before, and people would willingly offer him (large amounts of) spirits to make him drunk, much to the amusement of the partygoers and sadly, also much to the disadvantage of Yaw Peter.

During such a period he would very often be maltreated, be pelted with stones or be tied up and afterwards he would be very eager to return to our Community. Fortunately, Joe Emma was always willing to bring him back to PCC.


Of course, periods of alcohol abuse and bad food are not good for people. When Yaw Peter’s health deteriorated during the past year, he went to hospital, and there he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis.


His health became rapidly worse, his belly was extremely swollen by abdominal fluids (ascites) and eventually in September he died because of this.


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In all honesty, people did not care much for him when Yaw Peter was walking the streets of Nkwabeng half-naked and drunk. He was ignored, laughed at, overlooked, or abused and at such moments PCC was a safe haven for him again. He was always welcome here and then he would enjoy the good life in PCC. But…, there always was this irresistible call from the next funeral.


Two weeks after Yaw Peter’s death, his family and relatives organised the funeral and much to our surprise maybe 400 or even 500 people came, unbelievable. During his life he was barely noticed, and people paid little or no attention to him, but after his passing away, there were so many people present… We would have liked that the other way around…


Yaw Peter would have been proud, though, of his own funeral! People had put his remains upright in a sitting position at first (we thought this was rather unique), but later he was laid down, so people could say their goodbyes.

Much music was played, and the crowd – consisting also of a large delegation of our residents and caregivers! – were dancing to the music in a respectable way.


The funeral came to a height when even a group of 8 fetish priests graced the ceremony with their presence and said their farewells to their old friend Yaw Peter. Anecdotally Yaw Peter had always been dancing along with them and now for the very last time they were dancing for him, and the onlookers were looking mesmerised at their performance.


Once again, we had to say farewell to one of our residents, sad, but true.

In his own way, Yaw Peter enjoyed his life. We wish that now in his death he may find eternal peace in the arms of his Heavenly Father.

Rest in peace, Yaw Peter.