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In this Albert’s Corner you will find a number of entertaining and important news items about PCC.

Actually, things worth mentioning happen each and every day, never a dull moment in PCC!
SKIP 2015
For the fifth year in succession we welcomed a group of medical students from UCL in London (SKIP) last July. Nine volunteers this time and for one month they made themselves very useful at Special Attention and at training our caregivers in basic medical subjects. All caregivers received a wonderful SKIP Certificate after finishing these practical lessons!
Besides, SKIP painted a lovely “Hand in Hand” mural on the back wall of the Physio Palace. We would like to thank all SKIP students for their calm and enthusiastic commitment to our Community.
Oh yeah, the winner of the traditional football match between SKIP and PCC was also this year….PCC. Hurray!
Coordinator PCC workshop: goodbye Diana, welcome Emma
Diana, who has been a good caregiver since 2010 and the excellent coordinator of our sheltered workshop since 2013, left PCC and Nkoranza for Wa early September, this because of her pregnancy. She has decided together with her husband (former caregiver Andrews) and his relatives to take it easy so she will be able to prepare herself for the moment she will be giving birth, which will take place in the beginning of 2016. We are very happy with Diana’s yearlong work for PCC and for the youth in the workshop and we wish her much success in her marriage and in the course of her pregnancy.
That is why we would like to say: Thanks a lot, Diana, and well done!
As a workshop coordinator she will be succeeded by Emmanuel Boyan, probably better know as former caregiver Emma III (in 2009). After finishing his study Social Work he has committed himself to PCC again since this spring, first for the Outreach Work and now for the Workshop as well.
We would like to wish Emma much success in his new and important positions!
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Also in PCC’s restaurant some positive changes have taken place. Frank Maters (indeed, physiotherapist Inge’s husband) has assisted our hostesses Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II who have put great effort in improving the quality of and variety in the meals, which are offered to our guests. We have received very favourable reactions up to now. So come by soon and enjoy a nice dinner here!
Besides, Frank has installed a digital management system for the registration of the bookings of the PCC guesthouses. We will be able to use this system both from abroad and from Ghana and PCC and at the same time, a fine step forward.
Frank has even brought us a very modern Samsung tablet for this purpose and presented this as a gift to PCC. Wow, PCC goes digital!
And what about the God is Love Fun Club?
Unfortunately, still no good news, money has not been paid yet. Various groups are pressurizing the Bank of Ghana as well as the government into solving the problem, however to no avail up to now.
Departure Gloria
Early September we have also said our goodbyes to Gloria, caregiver since 2012. Gloria has been both a much-devoted caregiver and a fine “teacher” at our Summer School. She has proven her talent for being a teacher (although she has not been educated as one), but she is going to study to become a nurse. Fortunately, one of her PCC children, Miriam, has recently learnt to walk, even before Gloria left PCC, so Gloria is able to look back on her time in PCC as being very successful, and rightly so! We would also like to say to Gloria: Thanks a lot, Gloria, you have done well!
New resident of PCC
We have welcomed our 88th resident of PCC in August, his name is Sadat. In this column only on picture, more about him in the next AC!