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Unfortunately, PCC’s 49(!)-year-old generator broke down September last year. This standby generator is being used when there is a power failure, which is more than often the case in Ghana….. .
Luckily, salvation is at hand because a stronger and new generator is on its way to Ghana and PCC, thanks to Paul Lamberts, some generous sponsors and the Dutch foundation of Hand in Hand.
From April on we hope and expect that the new generator will bring light in the darkness again when the main power system is failing us.
Esther Azapa is leaving
One of our most experienced caregivers, Esther Azapa, is leaving soon. She has worked hard for the benefit of PCC and its children, especially for Wumpini, Mabel and M’Afia, but also for our schoolchildren Stephen, Emmanuella, Nana Agyei, Gabriel and many others.
Esther is leaving for Denmark at the invitation of her fiancé, our former volunteer Lasse. It will undoubtedly be a very exciting and also wonderful adventure.
Esther, many thanks for all things you have done for PCC and its children. We wish you and Lasse all the very best and good luck! May God bless you.
God is Love Fun Club
In July 2015 I wrote a column – titled “Gold rush in Ghana” – about the fact that many of our caregivers and countless other people from Nkoranza and its surroundings had probably lost a substantial sum of money because of their participation in the so called “God is Love Fun Club” (which later appeared to be a Ponzi scheme promising participants unrealistic profits).
Since then this item has not been off the political agenda: the Ghanaian government, the Bank of Ghana and even the Ghanaian president are intervening in this matter.
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Everybody is accusing everybody of major mistakes and in the mean time the manager of the Fun Club has been arrested. However, the situation still has not changed for the many participants in the scheme: they have probably lost their entire contribution.
The caregivers have accepted, of necessity, their losses for the moment, but ….. they do not exclude the  possibility of accepting a future offer that cannot be resisted, because ….. who knows ….. ??!! But then: this is Ghana!
Name-giving contest new home
Thanks to the numbers of people who have entered a name for the new home (Albert’s Corner, February 6th 2016) in the name-giving contest.
Both entrances are really great and the jury is still out on the name it will ultimately choose. A difficult and important process, so you will have to wait a while longer. Thrilling!
Because of the Ebola crisis in Western Africa fewer European volunteers have come to PCC, but since this crisis has been defused, they are coming again. We are happy to announce that Laura, the very first volunteer ever from Austria, arrived in PCC this month and soon the very first volunteer from Luxemburg will come here too.
And new volunteers are still very much welcome here in our Community!
Annual Report PCC
Good news for any diehard-PCC adherent and for all those who are eager to read about what has happened in the Community in 2015, because recently the Annual Report 2015 of PCC was integrally published on the website and is downloadable for any. Comments and questions are always welcome!
Okay, this is not a PCC item, but a bit of good news
In 2014 I already reported the birth of our wonderful and first grandchild Jasmijn and now Jeannette and I present you the recent births of 2 (two!) healthy and sweet little grandsons: Tijn in November 2015 and Ruben in March 2016.
A source of happiness, it means that we will always be surrounded by wonderful and sweet children both in the Netherlands and Ghana.