Nyamekye to PCC

It has been only a short while ago that I informed you of the arrival of PCC’s 88th resident

and in the meantime the 89th resident has been admitted here. Things do go fast!
This time the child is very young and its background is really special. It is 9-month-old Nyamekye and he is not just any baby … no, he is Baagyei’s child.
He was born in hospital in Nkoranza in December 2014 as a consequence of his mother Baagyei’s sexual abuse. She is intellectually disabled and has been badly neglected by her family all her life. We accepted her as a new resident of PCC in spring 2015 (see Albert’s Corner of the 14th of April 2015).
The baby who was given the beautiful name of Nyamekye, which means “The Lord has given”, was nursed and observed in hospital for a while after his birth. The conclusion was that he would probably be an intellectually healthy child. That is why it was decided in January – by Social Welfare in consultation with Clear Mind and PCC, that Baagyei’s child would be housed with somebody in Nkoranza, who would take really good care of him.
Initially this seemed to work according to plan, however lately various signals were picked up that his substitute mother was using the child as a means of private fundraising. She her self gave birth for the first time earlier this year and this appeared to affect the necessary care of Nyamekye.
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Baagyei’s elder sister who was addicted to alcohol and had been staying in the same house as Nyamekye for some time before returning to an itinerant livelihood again died last month (probably from an alcohol intoxication).
All the reason for serious doubt about the quality of care and the chance of a normal development for Nyamekye and that is why we decided after a renewed consultation with all those involved to take him on in PCC – just like we did with his mother. We gave him a hearty welcome in September. He is being taken care of not by (his biological mother) Baagyei but somebody else, which seemed to us best for both parties.
Nine-month-old Nyamekye, who is also called Nana Yaw, has overthrown our youngest resident Benjamin by coming to PCC. As usual when young children come to PCC, Nyamkye is passed from hand to hand. Everybody is cuddling him during the day and there is an abundance of attention and warmth for him.
We are observing him intensively now and we are looking at a child with an open look in his face and, at least for the time being, average motor skills. He has a good appetite, is looking healthy and able to sit upright for a while without any help. His development is a little slow, this probably has to do with his premature birth, but we hope to be able to stimulate him extensively and to offer him the ultimate chance of normal growth and development. Time will tell.
We heartily welcome Nyamekye, given to us by God, in PCC and we wish hem a blessed life.