Circus in PCC!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the greatest show on earth!

An unprecedented event: for two days the Circus visited PCC and much to the delight of everybody!
Three people of the Hannes and Co Circus School from Vlaardingen, i.e. ringmaster Anne Kuipers and his two assistants Rob and Franny, were a firm guarantee for a weekend full of fun, first because of their own performances, but maybe foremost because all children and caregivers were given the opportunity to practise various circus acts themselves.
All acts were enthusiastically greeted by everyone: the brightly coloured and swirling scarves and ribbons, the turning rings, the continuous spinning of Chinese plates on sticks, the balancing on the cord, the throwing of colourful balls, the ever turning twinned wheels, the juggling and spinning of the balance flower stick and last but not least the interactive acrobatics.
After the first performance at the football field on Saturday morning it was already clear that the circus would become a huge success. Joe Emma appeared to be a fine translator and a fantastic help to ringmaster Anne and very soon there was an atmosphere of high expectations, much happiness and unprecedented enthusiasm, also thanks to the continuously audible and catchy circus music.
After the first presentation on Saturday morning both the children and caregivers were split up into 6 groups and they practised hard on all acts during the rest of that day and also on Sunday morning after church.
On Sunday afternoon all their efforts culminated in a fantastic final show on Jubilee Square, which was turned into a big top just for the occasion. It was the climax of an amazing weekend.
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In the meantime our children and caregivers had been turned into true performers; even the autistic ones and those in wheelchairs took part (as much as possible) in the fun.
And while one group was showing that it was in command of the practised acts, the other group enthusiastically applauded them on. The one act was even better than the other and so there was much cheering and clapping.
It is difficult to express in words how big a success the circus was in PCC. Hopefully, the photos will give you a good impression of the dynamics, the enthusiasm and utter happiness with our residents.
Everybody was at his or her best and all groups were performing a great show that afternoon. The happiness radiating from so many of our residents was a feast for the eyes.
It is impossible to mention all best acts of the PCC circus show: these two days were a continuous flow of only wonderful and touching moments.
The look in the eyes of many children during the show was really priceless, just have a look at Piedu, David or Miriam or in fact at all children and caregivers. The latter were enjoying themselves as much as the children. For them, too, it was quite a unique weekend.
Circus School Hannes and Co, Anne, Rob and Franny, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful and free of charge circus show you have offered our children!
It was amazing and unforgettable, for days it was the talk of the town!
So …… certainly worth repeating in the future!!