Highlights from PCC!

An Albert’s Corner full of happy highlights from PCC this time.

We hope you will become happy as well, at least we did!
Have a look at the slideshow for matching photographs!
A step forward for Joel
A fine message for the large, almost worldwide fan club of Joel (formerly known as Kwame)! When he came from Kumasi’s Children’s Home to Hand in Hand almost a year ago he couldn’t walk, but he is a quick learner. He has left the first phase of walking and using a small walker (almost) behind. Now he is walking around supported by only a small walking stick (sometimes he will use this stick to –lightly – hit somebody…). Have a look at him and James having great fun!
Miriam is not lagging behind
The walker, which is no longer needed by Joel, is now used by Miriam. Since she came to us in July last year suffering from malnutrition, she has been developing wonderfully, thanks to the good care of caregiver Gloria, who regards her almost as a daughter of her own. Miriam has started walking behind the small walker and she is doing great.
A new wheelchair for Emmanuella
A friendly German foundation has donated a marvellous new wheelchair to Emmanuella. It took quite an effort to import this chair into Ghana, but fortunately it is finally here. It is not an electronic wheelchair, probably this is something to wish for in the future, but it is a wheelchair that makes Emmanuella infinitely happy and proud.
This same foundation has also donated a special walker to PCC, which is used by Aaron now. But more about that later, because this story is worth a separate AC!
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House of Silence
Next to the sheltered workshop sits a small, but wonderful new room only recently. Part of our youth likes a lot of peace and quiet and now they are spending their mornings together in a manner appropriate to their character supervised by caregiver Rita. The room is called very aptly: “House of Silence” and youth like Dela, Akoos Cynthia, Shalomina, Hagar and Kwah Johnson love being in these peaceful and quiet surroundings.
Jennifer temporarily in PCC
Jennifer, a slightly intellectually disabled girl, spent some time with us in January. Apparently her parents differed about her need for care and that is why she was found roaming the streets of Nkoranza one day and was brought to PCC by the police. Fortunately, her mother was quickly found via a FM radio appeal and much to their delight mother and daughter were reunited a few days later! The police have promised us to pinpoint their mutual responsibilities concerning Jennifer during a heart to heart conversation with both parents…
The story of the donkeys
This period last year we had only one donkey left and it was just a matter of time we would have none left. Which is of course completely out of the question! Fortunately, a new donkey splendidly called Dusty was donated to us and soon this donation became only better when Dusty appeared to be with foal. In the mean time it is 2015 and we are the proud owners of 3 donkeys. The foal is 3 months old now, is frolicking around the PCC compound and is very sweet to our children. So, a great asset!
Jasmijn’s first birthday
The dearest (and only…) grandchild of Jeannette and myself is already 1 year old, how time flies! To all fans: find a wonderful picture attached.
As such, we are always surrounded by splendid and sweet children both in Ghana and the Netherlands. What a blessing!