How are they doing…. part 3

In this column we will continue our series of “How are they doing …”

, of which already two parts were published last year.
After having read these columns some of our readers requested to hear some news about their “favourite” child. That is why in this part you will be reading a few brief updates on two of our children, namely Kojo Joseph and Stephen.
This lovable little boy has developed into a very likeable and inquisitive kid, very agile and always in the mood for some joking. He is attending a regular primary school; the same school Emmanuella, Gabriel and Nana Agyei are also attending. He is rather good at school and we are very proud of him and of course he is proud of himself, too. However, it became apparent at school that he couldn’t read well from the blackboard and that is why he is wearing a pair of cool glasses now and honestly, isn’t he looking handsome?
In the mean time Stephen is (about) 11 years old and he has been living in PCC for 8 years now. He is still walking in braces and on crutches and he will have to be operated on both knees somewhere in the future.
But until that time he will be playing football on his knees and he is wonderfully fast and good at it too! There are some fabulous shots of Stephen at the playing field on our new Info DVD!
Stephen is very communicative and he likes having a chat with PCC’s guests on any sort of subject. He is interested in many things and he likes being in the centre of attention. A wonderful boy!
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Kojo Joseph
For sure, an exceptional child.
Kojo Joseph has lived in our Community since 2008, but is still an loner because of his handicap and character. Sue Hatton once compared him to “The wild boy of Aveyron”, which is rather understandable when you sometimes look into the eyes of Kojo Joseph. However, just as easily you may see a soft and beautiful smile there.
He is a huge admirer of the big Almere swing in the playground and he sometimes drags people there to make them push him on the swing (preferably for a very long time!).
Luckily Kojo has calmed down quite a bit since Juliana became his caregiver in 2010, but unfortunately he still remains a little unpredictable in his behaviour.
He might rub against you, even embrace you and then suddenly and without reason bite you. Not always easy to handle, but we do try everything to improve his behaviour.
His favourite pastime still is and will be: EATING. Although he has had at least 3 meals a day in PCC for years, you can find him anxiously and impatiently waiting at the kitchen door long before a meal is due. Still afraid of not being fed!? His meals are served before the other children’s and he is also sitting separately from them, because he will certainly go after their food as well! An exceptional child, for sure!
Would you also like to know more about the development of one of our residents? Send me your request by email and who knows you will soon find the answer to your question in one of the next columns in this series!
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