Are there still certainties today?

What are still our certainties today? What is it we can always rely on?

For 50 years there were no normal relations between the neighbouring countries Cuba and the USA, however, in December 2014 completely unexpectedly Obama and Castro are welcoming each other with open arms!
Furthermore, you would expect the Pope to address his cardinals of the Curia with a deliberation on the birth of Christ in Bethlehem in his Christmas Speech, however, it was no less than a hefty story about naughty cardinals, who would have expected something like this?
And those who have thought Black Peet to have always been black, must suddenly accept that Black Peet comes in all colours of the rainbow. Gone are all your certainties.
Is there nothing to be sure about in this world anymore; is there nothing you can still rely on? Yes, fortunately, there is! In this fast changing world there is one unflinching anchor point and this is the celebration of Christmas and New Year in PCC – Hand in Hand, this festive programme is as firm as a house on a rock.
It all starts with the Frafra group  – they are members of a tribe from the north of Ghana – on Christmas Eve. They bring us music, songs and dancing and with their rhythms they are stirring things up. Then we know: it is Christmastime!
Traditionally on Christmas Day good old Father Christmas will come by, carrying small but welcome presents for everybody. As always: children are easily made happy, it is all about the generous gesture and a good feeling! Besides, Father Christmas Yaw Peter is enjoying his responsible task modestly but heartily. 
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Undisputedly all festivities culminate in Boxing Day. It takes months of rehearsing and many hours of preparing and finding the right props, but then finally it is time: the Christmas Play is performed in a unique way by the children in front of an enthusiastic audience! To the surprise of many this year Tettey is performing the role of Jesus and he does so in his own special way, somewhat modestly but radiantly. The Christmas Play is a great success and it becomes even better that afternoon because of the wonderful songs sung by the PCC Choir, they are singing nearly as beautiful as the angels during Christmas Eve in Bethlehem a long time ago!
After so many climaxes during Christmas a few quiet days follow, but soon it is time for new ones with old certainties: the Bonfire on New Year’s Eve and the New Year’s Party on the 1st of January. We light the bonfire because we can look back on a year full of blessings for PCC again. All residents of PCC are under the spell of those meter-high flames and they have to step backwards now and then because of the emanating heat. We are warming ourselves at this fire and we will go into the new year full of energy and hope.
As usual the New Year’s Party brings all festivities to a conclusion. This party is preceded by an even more wonderful feast – if possible: the moment that all children are coming out of their houses wearing their beautiful new clothes (thanks to Vlisco!), splendidly made-up and/or wearing sunglasses, because the first day of the new year goes together with new clothing! That’s for sure!
Tired because of the buzz but content, our Community is slowly returning to its normal routines. Meanwhile it has become 2015, Happy New Year!
Do you also feel the need for guidance and certainties in your life? Then book a stay in Hand in Hand around Christmastime in 2015 now! It will be an unforgettable week of celebrations again, that’s for sure!