Abandoned child now Benjamin!

It is only about 10 weeks ago that Miriam was put and abandoned at our gate.

Fortunately, she has become used to her new life in PCC in the mean time. And recently Social Welfare in Sunyani, the capital of our Region, has asked us whether we are willing to offer shelter to another abandoned child.
It is about a little boy of 6 – 8 months old, who was abandoned in Techiman on the 16th of September and who was later examined in the Holy Family Hospital. The paediatrician there diagnosed that the child is suffering from microcephaly (= his head is too small) and probably as a consequence his brains are underdeveloped. It is also very likely that he is lagging behind in his development in comparison with other children of his age.
Last July the Regional director of Social Welfare visited PCC officially and she told us by then that she was much impressed by the quality of the care given here in PCC. She had especially noted the sheer happiness of the children.
Not surprisingly she thought of us as the best spot for this abandoned child. On the 10th of October she came to PCC together with a very small and calm child who was constantly looking at us with his big brown eyes. He didn’t even cry when we examined him and he looked well fed. Probably he had mainly been breastfed until he was abandoned. His skull did look small indeed, but we did not notice many abnormalities. He was looking us into the eyes and he was seemingly absorbing his surroundings well.
The rumour of a cute, little boy coming to live here travels fast over the compound and one after another the caregivers came to have a quick look at him and they all melted because of this small and vulnerable boy. When Esther had an even closer look she called out proudly and happily that he much looked like Wumpini. Everybody agreed on this, just have a look at the picture of both of them together!
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After the report by Social Welfare and our own examination we soon decided to accept this boy as a new resident of PCC. We invited one of our caregivers to become his new caregiver/”mother” and she granted our request with an immediate “YES” and a broad smile without hesitation, totally happy that she would take care of this cute little boy.
The first day we called him Baby Boy, because then we would have some time to decide about a suitable name. Eventually we called him Benjamin, because he is the smallest of all boys ever welcomed as new resident on our premises.
And now, already a few days later, we may happily say that all is well with Benjamin here in PCC. Benjamin is nurtured almost constantly by his  new mother and the other caregivers and of course also by some bigger children, who adore the little ones, like Joyce, M’afia, Philo and Cynthia Akoos. Fortunately, he has a good appetite and after one night of constant crying, he is sound asleep each night.
We are very happy to care for him here in PCC and we are hoping that he will grow and thrive here, come to life. And so an abandoned child has become Benjamin!
We all welcomed him loudly and heartedly at his arrival: Akwaaba Benjamin, Akwaaba in PCC. May God bless you.