Easter celebrations in PCC – through the eyes of Sofanne.


This time a GUEST—COLUMN in Alberts Corner about the Easter celebrations in PCC, written by SOFANNE RAVENSBERGEN

Sofanne worked as a volunteer in PPC more than 10 years ago. She is now working as a medical doctor in Groningen. In 2021 she became part of ‘THE NETWERK’!

The Netwerk is created to strengthen the connection between PCC in Ghana and the Dutch foundation Hand in Hand (more about this network in a next Alberts Corner).

At the moment Sofanne is staying in PCC and writes about Easter 2022 in the Community.


A blessed Easter in PCC!

‘The Holy Week’, or ‘la Semana Santa’ as this week is called in Spanish-speaking countries; a week that connects people celebrating Easter!

In PCC we also felt connected with all over the world!

Although not all children might have known what was going on, everyone could feel that something was about to happen. All week we heard the many churches as background music in PCC, a sound that is usually present on Saturday or Sunday only. On Good Friday, also the church of PCC contributed with great music, and therefore in all of Ghana  there was beautiful music and singing.

Under the warm guidance of a few caregivers, the service was filled with dancing, singing and praying. Also the biblical story of the crucifixion of Christ was told. Some children were a bit sad while hearing this story, but as soon as they found out that Jesus died for all our sins and that he will rise from the dead on Easter Sunday, all the beautiful smiles were back immediately.


After the service the children watched national television in the TV room. Again the story of Jesus life was shown on TV in a very Ghanaian way, so a lot of drama was guaranteed!

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That night the Easter Party was announced by Joe Emma: As everyone knows, Jesus has risen! It is Easter, time for a big party!

And a party it was! The beautiful flags, made by the participants of ‘The House of Silence’ decorated PCC even more.


As soon as the first sounds of the drums of the music group, led by Kofi Asare and Chairman, were played, the party started! It is indescribable to experience and see all the enthusiasm and pride of the residents. And not only the residents, but also all caregivers love to join the party and love to show off. Everyone has the possibility to perform and they will not miss this opportunity.


Sadat, Aaron, Paa Yaw sang: ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’. Ayuba and Yaw Peter showed everyone their best dance moves and of course Coco the clown was present too. These are only a few examples of the many performances that evening.

After the party, there was an extra drink and a piece of meat for all. Blessed and satisfied we all went to bed, and slowly, peace and quietness returned..


We felt very blessed during these days and in fact all other days. Every day again hard and dedicated work is done, connected with so many inside and outside Ghana, to create a safe and loving place for all your residents!