Festive opening of the PCC Daycare Center in Donkro Nkwanta


The people from PCC are always prepared to have a nice party

and the official opening of the Daycare in Donkro Nkwanta, created by PCC, was definitely a good reason for such a party!


Nowadays the work of PCC for children with a disability is more and more taking place outside the walls of the Community, in the many villages of the various Districts in a wide area around Nkoranza.

PCC is expanding!


In Donkro Nkwanta about 20 km. from Nkoranza, the PCC Daycare for disabled children from that village was already operational for some time, but the official opening had yet to take place.

That was partly because they were still working on the terrain in front of the building, e.g. to construct a wall and a gate, necessary because we wanted to fence it safely as there is a rather big road in front of the Daycare.


On Friday 26th May the moment was finally there: the day of the festive and official opening of that beautiful building by the Donkro Nkwanta Chief.


Quite some PCC residents were eager to join the party, so a rather big delegation left after breakfast for Donkro Nkwanta. And of course the brought the inevitable drums to enlighten the occasion with more music, songs and dance. And that’s exactly what they did, no one could have missed it…!


Also the children from Donkro Nkwanta, who are visiting this Center very day, were present, together with their parents and even some interested parents + children from neighboring villages. All participated in the joy.


The walls were neatly bricked, the gate door was hanging (almost) securely in its hinges and the whole terrain was (more or less) ready for the party.


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We were happy that the Chief and other important guests, like the Assembly man and various pastors plus the imam, were all present in time.

No one wanted to miss the occasion!


The son was bright and it was very hot, but luckily enough there were sufficient canopies for all guests and the Chief was walking and sitting under the traditional Umbrella, also as a sign of his dignity.


When it was my turn to speech on behalf of PCC, the Chief was kind enough to send the man holding his Umbrella to us to protect Joe Emma and me against the heat of the sun.


The elders who came to support the Chief called upon the ancestors in a very traditional way (that means by pouring schnaps from a bottle) and asked for their protection. That gives us a good feeling for the future.

After all speeches and music the Chief finally performed the official opening by cutting the tape. After that all walked around in the building of the Daycare to admire the facility. We heard a lot of Oh’s and Ah’s.


Everyone appreciated some festive snacks and drinks afterwards, you can’t have a party without!


It was a simple but very beautiful ceremony. We are all very glad and proud having such a nice and functional Daycare in this bigger village in the Nkoranza South District.


It is our intention to create some more of these Daycare Centers in the years to come in the Districts around Nkoranza. This will enable parents to bring their disabled children there every day during daytime, an important improvement in the lives of both parents and children.


This makes the Daycares a very successful part of our Outreach work for disabled children.