Baffo the detective

One Friday morning in PCC in December:

very soon after wakening up it becomes clear that a thief has visited the Community that night. One mobile phone and two laptops have disappeared from the house of Ineke Bosman, who is spending the Europan wintertime here together with Bob. Besides that also the decoder has been taken from the Royal Community Hall. Alarm phase one!
Immediately various houses and other rooms in our Community are being searched for the lost items, but noting is found and there is little hope that the equipment will ever be found again.
Of course, the police are informed, but Baffo decides to do his own specific research because he has a superb idea. Namely, he decides to pay all ICT-shops in Nkoranza a visit and there he asks for their cooperation, because one of the chargers of the laptops has been left behind in Ineke’s house, so chances are that the thief will try to purchase another charger, because without a good charger the stolen laptop is of little use… .
Baffo asks all salesmen to phone him when somebody is coming to them with such a request. He is also visiting people who are known to be well informed about the network in which stolen goods are being traded (you would wish for such networks not to exist, but reality is quite different…..!) At first, Baffo’s going and asking around does not result in much useful information.
However, after a few days we actually receive the message of a salesman that somebody has come to him to ask for a charger for a particular kind of laptop. He has told that person that he will be able to get the charger and that he has to come back to the shop in one to two days time. A trap is being set up and when the moment has come Baffo warns the police and takes them to the store where the thief is being arrested. Who could have thought this just a few days ago?
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Fortunately, the thief confesses soon and he also tells the police to whom he has sold the other laptop and where the decoder has gone. These people are arrested as well after first being hoodwinked on the telephone. All stolen items are finally found in one piece, which is almost a wonder.
Thanks to Baffo’s smart investigations this theft is completely solved within a day or four. The thief appears to be a 22-year-old man from Nkoranza, who has been released from prison only a few months earlier after his second imprisonment! Some people never learn: neither to stay on the straight and narrow, nor to stay out of the hands of the police….. . The thief admits having climbed over the walls of our compound. He has been able to remain completely unnoticed by our three PCC night watchmen on duty that night, while intruding, sneaking around and burgling the compounds. Well, even the night watch will sometimes fall into a deep sleep although they are supposed to keep a watchful eye over PCC and its safety ……
Within two weeks the case is brought to justice and the judge does not need much time to come to a verdict. The thief is found guilty and this time he has to go to jail for a good 7 years! Case closed!
Baffo proves by his bold and resourceful investigations that it is no coincidence that he is lovingly called “Dadda” in Hand in Hand, which means like a caring father. We are very proud of Baffo and happy that the theft has been solved that soon thanks to detective Baffo! Well done!