Brief news from PCC – Dec. 16

This time I would like to share some entertaining and interesting news facts from PCC

in order to keep you posted about developments in the Community.
New washing machines
Washing machines do not live eternally, certainly not when they are used in such an intensive way as in PCC. Earlier this year we were confronted with a huge problem: only a couple of barely working washing machines were left over of the six we used to have. From that moment on a lot had to be done the old-fashioned way: by hand ….. Phew.
Fortunately we were able to purchase, thanks to a generous donation, some new and strong machines: a really big machine (no fewer than 18 kg!) and a smaller one (7 kg), both Samsung washing machines. They work fine and everybody in PCC is very much pleased with them! And if these machines keep on working well we will be able to purchase another 2 because of this generous donation.
PCC washes even whiter than white!!
Through our Outreach programme we meet children who are disabled but who are – fortunately! – living in a caring home outside PCC, but who sometimes need special aid, which cannot be given at home.
That is the reason why we have recently admitted Mommy from Nkoranza, for a period of 6 to 8 months for the time being, to our PCC day-care programme. She needs physiotherapy from our well-trained caregivers. After only a couple of months we can already conclude that she is benefitting from this physio, she is steadily progressing and enjoying her days in the Community.
Carlijn mother for the second time
A happy announcement! Carlijn Willems, many of our readers will know her because she is coordinator of our Dutch volunteers, has become a mother for the second time on November the 5th. Her second daughter is called Fiene and this seems a very fine name to us. All is well with Carlijn and Fiene!
Carlijn has notified us of the fact that she will give up her task as coordinator because of the increased caring responsibilities for her two small children.
We fully understand and respect this and we, and also many ex-volunteers, would like to thank Carlijn for her efforts and long-standing commitment to Hand in Hand.
We are looking for a new coordinator for volunteers
NB: If there are ex-volunteers out there who feel prompted to take over part of her tasks: you’re cordially invited!! You know by experience that it is important and useful to be informed about working as a volunteer in PCC beforehand.
So we are looking forward to your reaction: [email protected]!
Baffo father again
It appears that Saturday the 5th of November was a very fertile day, because a baby was not only born into Carlijn’s family, but also into Baffo’s. For sure!!
His new wife Elizabeth (Lizzy) gave life to a son that day, Kwame. He was born by caesarean section. Father, mother and child are well and we heartily congratulate Baffo and Lizzy with the birth of their son.
Baffo expects that Kwame will be able to help and support him when Baffo needs a helping hand now and then when he grows older…..
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Lizzy applied the white spot on Kwame’s forehead to protect him against evil.
Presidential elections
After the – to many of us – surprising outcome of the American elections the whole world is looking forward in suspense to the result of the Ghanaian presidential elections on the 7th of December.
Will the surprise in Ghana be as big as in the USA??
By the way, it is not to be expected that there will be long queues in front of the polling booths in PCC that day …..
Operation Stephen and Moses
At the moment of me writing this column Stephan and Moses have both been hospitalized in Duayaw Nkwanta for an orthopaedic operation. We are very interested in the clinical course of the treatment and we sincerely hope that both will be able to walk better after their operations and revalidation.
We will keep you informed.
BREAKING NEWS: Stephen and Moses have been discharged from the Hospital and are back in PCC again. Welcome home!
So far the news about PCC in this column.
To be continued.