Kojo Patrick Charm

Born: 2003.
Financial adoption: Bas Bosman. Roos van Thiel and family, the Netherlands; Sronko Diaries Ghana
Kojo Patrick Charm suffers a mild form of cerebral palsy. He is an intelligent little fellow and thanks his name Patrick to a former caregiver and his name Charm to his tremendous social gift of making people notice him with a smile and outstretched arms. When he sees you eating, he will come running to you to cover you with kisses. With his soulful eyes and lovely smile he makes you follow him for a while with your eyes. After which you may notice too late, before he continues to greet other people, that some nice piece of meat is missing from your plate! During the morning exercises he will go to each and everyone personally and to give them a smile and a hug. Kojo is very energetic and always happy. He likes to play the game ‘Who is it?’ He points at another child, then looks up to the person with whom he plays the game, who should name the child. Of course Kojo also points towards himself quite a lot and is in heaven when he hears his own name being called out. But if the person playing with him mentions another name instead, Kojo’s face falls. Then he stands and frowns for ages, not obviously understanding how you could have mixed him up with another child. Kojo also like to throw kisses at people, in a royal way, which he of course needs to see thrown back to him again. Despite the fact that Kojo radiates with enthusiasm wherever he is, his caregiver  has a very special place for him.