Yaw Owusu Nfanti

Born: 7th October 1989
Financial adoption: Fam. van Eck, Holland
Yaw is a day student at the Sheltered Workshop and goes and comes to work by himself. He joins the morning exercises and enjoys playing football. At the bead workshop Yaw does his work quite independently. He takes it very seriously and when working he tends to isolate himself from the others. However he watches and observes all that happens around him. He likes to smile and to make noise, but he is often difficult to understand. Sometimes he sits and watches you silently. If you break into laughter you can be sure to get a shy but lovely smile in return. Like many people with autism Yaw does not like change. For example, he will wear the same piece of clothing for a long time. Yaw is also very serious with his food. The food he like best is fufu with palm nut soup. If and when he brings food from home he hides it because he doesn’t like to share it with anybody. This is easy to understand given his family situation and the obsessive nature of his autism. So Yaw’s friendliness stops where his food is concerned.