Yaw Peter

Born: around 1982
Financial adoption:  Manfred Palm (Ananse), Germany; S. Hoogstra, Holland.
Around 2000 Yaw Peter worked for some time in the workshop, but by then he often walked to the house of his grandmother and at the end he just stayed there. In 2012 we found out that his grandmother died and that he is now living and maltreated in his village Nkwabeng. He walks around halfnaked, children are throwing stones to him, he is often tied up and even made drunk just for fun. January 2012 we visited him in Nkwabeng, together with his old friend Zachariah and decided to bring him back to PCC again. He enjoys life in PCC very much, he feels safe an acts as the big brother for wild boy Kojo Joseph and assits a lot by working in the kitchen. A prodigal son has returned, he is back home again!