Yaw Hillal

Born: 1990
Financial adoption: Danielle Trigg + Family Trigg from England; Goedvolk, Holland


Yaw Hillal was born around 1990 and transferred to Hand in Hand from the Holy Family Hospital at Techiman in 2009.  His story is a very sad one because he was brought to the hospital in a dreadful state, as his genitals had partly been cut and he was bleeding profusely. Sadly, in some parts of Ghana (and elsewhere) male genitals are still used in witchcraft. The surgeon, who helped him and did an excellent job of reconstruction, was called Hillal and Yaw stands for Thursday, the day he was brought to the hospital, so that is how he got his name. Dr Hillal took a personal interest in the care of this young man.  Yaw appears autistic in many ways and has also experienced severe trauma in his earlier life. He has some physical disabilities and poor vision..

It may have taken quite a while for this man to settle at PCC but settled he has. Yaw Hillal joins in the morning walk usually holding hands with one of his friends. He joins in activities with the others in the autism room and calmly and quietly takes part in every day life at PCC.  The regularly routine has been and continues to be so good for him. He deserves to live a contented life.