Yaw Hillal

Born: 1990
Financial adoption: Danielle Trigg + Family Trigg from England; Goedvolk, Holland
In March 2009 Yaw Hillal joined us. He was brought by the staff of the neighboring Holy Family Hospital at Techiman and named by us after the surgeon, Dr. Hillal, who attended to him for the three months during which he stayed at Holy Family Hospital. This was his story: During the busy Christmas days the youngster was rushed into Holy Family emergency room by an agitated group of men. The boy was screaming and moving into shock from blood loss. He was bleeding profusely from his genitals of which parts were removed and raw flesh showing. The surgical specialist had to be called in for such a dismal emergency state, which needed reconstruction of penis and scrotum. While the doctor and his team concentrated on setting up the IV and arresting the bleeding, the men who had carried in the victim silently disappeared. The hospital was left alone with an adolescent boy who did not speak and obviously suffered multiple handicaps. The nurses called him Yaw (Thursday-born) because he was brought into the hospital on a Thursday.. Dr Hillal reconstructed the affected organs and kept caring for him personally till his wounds were healed. Then in March he could be discharged and go home. But was there a home? The police and social welfare could not trace the men who brought him to the hospital, and no one from town could recognize Yaw. The boy himself could not explain anything. Moreover people were afraid to come near him. There are these day and age still boys and young men whose genitals are being used for witchcraft and traditional black magic. The victim may be contaminated with some of that evil black magic himself. Thus…see nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing. Cured and where to go? To the street? Of course to our PCC Hand in Hand Community, that’s one of the reasons why we are there. Yaw Hillal has an intellectual handicap combined with severe autism and physical disabilities. His left hand is atrophic and his right eye has no vision. Yaw speaks a few sentences of three words each. ‘ I am hungry’, ‘I want water’, ‘Give me money’.