Born: 2000

Wumpini, born in 2000, came to Hand in Hand in 2002 from the orphanage at Tamale in the north of Ghana. He has a learning disability and spastic paralysis in his legs. Like most of us, Wumpini sometimes laughs and sometimes cries. Wumpini enjoys laughing a lot but his laughter is matched in frequency and intensity with passionate crying. In December 2002 Wumpini arrived as a kind of Christmas present from the Tamale orphanage, where some of the staff avoided touching him, even though he desperately needed human contact. Wumpini loves toys that make noise or drumming. He will start giggling and will become very cheerful. The arrival of his caregiver will also cheer him up. Wumpini spends a lot of time sitting in his chair because he cannot walk. Luckily his arms do function. He cannot talk, but listens very well. Wumpini especially enjoys swimming. Since he cannot walk, he is always laying down in the mini pool. He loves paddling in the water which he can do for a long period of time. Most of all Wumpini likes to be touched, cuddled and entertained!