William of Orange

Born: app. 2016

Sponsoring: fam. Agema and fam. Zitman-de Smit both Holland

William of Orange came to PCC in June 2018. By then he was about 2½ years old. We saw him first when he and his mother came to PCC from the North of Ghana. William was malnourished and intellectually disabled, while his mother was carrying and breastfeeding a baby, also malnourished.  His Mother who is called Lydia had two other children but no job, no husband and no family to support her. Some of the caregivers really wanted us to try and help this family. After carefully reflecting on our expectations for the future of Lydia and her malnourished children we finally decided to accept William as a resident for PCC.  We were also able to  offer Lydia a job as a cleaner in PCC. She was very surprised and extremely happy.

By coincidence we welcomed William as a new resident at the same day we organized an Orange Party in PCC because Joe Emma was leaving for his trip to Holland in June 2018. That’s why we call him William of Orange! Though quite severely disabled William has a real presence here in PCC with his beautiful smile and an interest in things shown to him and shared with him.  He does his best to join in activities and the physio work helps him.