The developments in PCC are continuing steadily


PCC no longer is “just” the Community in Nkoranza for abandoned children with special needs

, it has also been the centre for children with an intellectual disability in the wider region around Nkoranza for the last couple of years, thanks to our Outreach programme.

As an important and highly visible aspect of our care in the surrounding area we opened our first and large Daycare centre in 2020 in the city centre of Nkoranza.

Subsequently, a new Daycare centre was opened in Donkro Nkwanta in 2022 and at the start of 2024 our third Daycare centre was opened in Kyeradeso.


All three Daycare centres are situated in the Nkoranza South District, but very soon we are going to take the next step to Forikrom in the Techiman South District.


The Methodist Church in Forikrom has recently made its old church building in the town centre available to PCC, free of charge, and for a period of two years, which makes it possible to start a new Daycare in Forikrom, too.

Although we haven’t started yet (first the building must be renovated and made suitable for a DC) 9 children with special needs have already been registered for this Daycare centre by their parents which is a very good sign.


All in all, soon, over 40 children will come to one of our Daycare centres five days a week. Recent visits to all Daycare centres have made clear that parents are very happy, enthusiastic and grateful that their children are getting good care and a daily lunch so close to home.


Experienced (former)caregivers, who have acquired their knowledge and skills in our Community, are working in these centres. They are working relatively independently but all care in these Daycare centres is supervised by the Outreach team.

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PCC-Hand in Hand will provide all funds for buildings, salaries, materials and medical devices and the daily lunch, while in the somewhat bigger city of Nkoranza a means of transport (a tuk-tuk or “okada”) is financed by PCC as well. This vehicle will pick up and take home the children every day.

This complete set forms an unprecedented and unique service for children with an intellectual or multiple disability in Ghana, which makes us very proud!


And the good life in PCC goes on, too!

Since May Jeannette and I have been in Ghana again and whenever we return here, we are struck by the happiness in the PCC-Hand in Hand Community as a whole and that of the children in particular.


By posting some fun pictures of daily life in this Community, e.g. children playing, daily work in the big kitchen, happy dancing and the ever-present music, for instance on Saturday afternoons when everybody goes wild in the Jubilee Square, I am hoping to share something of this happiness with you.


The picture made of Marc Hope was taken by Jelle Hop, son of Marc Hop who sadly passed away in 2019. Marc Hope was named after him. Jelle meeting Marc Hope produced some beautiful and sometimes moving images.


The world around us is full of miracles!