Born: August 2006
Financial adoption: Thea Hoefsloot, Holland.
In August 2010 a Dutch volunteer approached us after meeting a child, Kwame Tettey, in another Hospital and interested herself in his behalf. By then he was 4 years old. Tettey was born with various disabilities, both intellectual and physical. Unfortunately the mother took a French leave and the father is not able to care for this child. For years Tettey was kept in a small cot in the kitchen of children’s ward, where they were feeding him and that was it. No one was playing with him, no one took the child outside (even not the father!) and in no way his development was stimulated. Because of that Tettey got a serious backlog in development. Apart from his disabilities Tettey is not ill, though he has a rather serious scoliosis (= oblique position of the back) and his eye vision is limited. He has a very special expression, sometimes he might even look up to you with a roguish gaze and show a peculiar way of pulling his cheeks, then his eyes almost seem to fall out of his face. Tettey doesn’t talk, but he can imitate different sounds and words well and in a comic way! After arrival in PCC he was too weak to stand and was eating only mashed food. After almost 5 years of life the weight of Tettey proved to be less than 10 kg! When it became obvious that the father is really incompetent to give any parental care, we decide to allow Tettey to stay and live at PCC. We are happy that he is now eating much better and carefully he makes his first steps, with the aid of a walking rack. May be one day we will see him walking on his own. The whole PCC Community presses Tettey to the heart. He soften everyone’s heart, that is for sure! Tettey is finally “freed” from the hospital and we say to him: Akwaaba, very welcome in your new family, in your first Home. May you become very happy in this Community!