Born: 2004
Financial adoption: Alexis Azzam – Day, USA
Stephen This is what the volunteer who helped facilitate the transfer of Stephen to our community wrote about him: Stephen has two clubbed feet and as a result is unable to stand or walk. He is badly neglected at the orphanage, often ignored or maltreated by the staff due to his condition. They considered him as an inferior being and left him in his crib while his contemporary brothers went to school. It was only after volunteers took interest in him that he started attending the pre-school at the home. Stephen understands Twi but his speech is delayed. He is easily frustrated and his mood is unstable. His facial expression is depressed. Only when he is engaged and receives love he smiles and become livelier. Stephen has learned to be very adaptable. He is only partly toilet trained. Our plan for Stephen is to get him orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation as soon as possible, through the Nsawam Orthopedic Center of Fr. Tarcisius and Mr. Raphael. The surgery will take place at St John of God at D. Nkwantah on the 1st of November 2008 by a the Dutch visiting orthopedic surgeon Dr Rompa. This operation will be immediately followed by a stay of six (or more) months at the Nsawam Rehabilitation Center, where he will hopefully learn to stand and walk. This is why from day one we have showered him with attention, a learning program and cuddling sessions Whatever bonding he can achieve before he will once more have to move ‘away from home’ and to yet another center, the better for his emotional development. Steve responds quickly to special attention in learning and play-therapy.