Born: 2004
Financial adoption: Alexis Azzam – Day, USA

Stephen was abandoned in June 2006 when about 2 years old and taken to live at a Kumasi Children’s Home before coming to Hand in Hand in May 2008.

He was unable to walk due to his club feet and emotionally he presented as being very depressed. It would appear that he was often ignored and seen as an inferior child due to his physical disability.

Things have certainly changed for Stephen since that move to live at PCC in 2008.  He has matured and grown into a young man. He speaks both Twi and English and is attending school and receiving an education.

He had successful operations on his feet and knees and is now walking upright with the aid of crutches and he is incredibly quick both with and without the crutches joining in football regularly. Huge thanks to the intensive physio work done with Stephen. He enjoys attention and likes to chat with visitors.  Stephen rides a bike and can go into town on his bike.

At times Stephen struggles to accept the difficulties that he still has. He would like to be independent and have a job, preferably as an electrician.

This might be possible in the future but to begin with Stephen needs to learn to take more responsibility and learn what it is to be an adult.  We hope very much we can support him in this direction.