Born: App. 2014

Sponsoring:  Elizabeth Atfield, England; Sronko Diaries Ghana. For Solomon we are looking for €35 additional sponsoring per month.


Solomon was abandoned at a market in a village (Manso Agroyesum) in the Central Region when he was only a few weeks old. First he was put in the care of a foster family, however, when they noticed that he was intellectually disabled he was transferred to Kumasi Children’s Home and a year later, in 2017,  he came to PCC. We think he was about three years old then. Solomon is strikingly paler than most Ghanaians and soon after his arrival in PCC in  he was called “obruni”, meaning “white man” though this did not continue for very long.

Solomon can walk and he can run very fast if he wants to go somewhere or to get away from someone.  He appears to be very autistic and completely in his own world most of the time. He enjoys twiddling sticks and leaves and it is hard to get him to engage with anything or anyone.  However it is not impossible and the caregivers continue to try their best for this vulnerable boy. One of the many things being done is to help Solomon eat more solid food. When he arrived he would use a bottle like a baby. Now he uses a cup but much of his food is still liquidized. There is no doubt that we have a challenge with young Solomon but we have never shrunk from a challenge yet.