Born: app. 2016

Sponsors: Sue Hatton UK. For Samson we are looking for €75 additional sponsoring, of course it is possible to sponsor a part of this amount!


In May 2022 Social Welfare from Wenchi came with a small boy of about 6 years to PCC. He was found in a suburb of Wenchi a few weeks before by some people and as usual the authorities could not trace his relatives. They were now looking for a permanent shelter.

Initially he was cared for by a woman / good Samaritan in Wenchi for a few weeks, but after that there was no place for him anymore.

On presentation we saw a quiet young boy who is not able to speak, who impresses like an intellectual disabled and autistic boy. Social Welfare said he might also be deaf, but we have not yet been able to prove it. Obviously he likes food, we saw already a difference between pictures from 1st May and when we saw him, a few weeks later.

We decided to accept him in our Community and when he came to PCC we gave him the beautiful name Samson, because we believe that if he continues to eat as he is doing now he will be very strong one day, like the Biblical Samson…!

We hope and believe that by coming to PCC Samson’s condition will soon improve a lot and we will try our utmost best to develop all his capabilities here.

A strong man has arrived!