Born: app. 2005
Sponsor: family van der Hoorn, Holland.


Rachel Esi  was born around  2005 and has a mild intellectual disability. She was found in 2017 in a village west of Kumasi by children playing, It seemed her family had left here there. Subsequently she went missing for half a year and was finally found again. Nobody knows what happened to her during this intermediate period…..

After that she was brought to Kumasi Children’s Home and in October 2018 she came to PCC.


Rachel is able to speak a little and can understand some of what is said to her.  She enjoys  playing with the other children though during her first period at PCC she was rather timid and had a look of surprise in her eyes very often.

After some time a smile broke through her face and she became more cheerful. Since then she enjoys her life in PCC very much.