Born: 1998
Died: september 16th 2014
Quinten is almost blind and hard of hearing. If you want to have contact with him, you need to bring your face close to his, so he can actually see you. He also loves to touch your face so he knows who you are. When Quinten walks around on the premises, he needs somebody to keep an eye on him. He knocks his feet against stones and pavement edges and often falls down. He eagerly holds on to a wall or a chair nearby so he can orientate himself. Despite the difficulties while moving, he loves walking. He is constantly re-discovering the premises. Quinten does have a stubborn streak. If he doesn’t like something or if he is bored, he will sit on the floor to show you he is angry and he will refuse to get up. But Quinten can also be quite cheerful. If you lift him out of his chair to go for a walk, he will smile and jump up and down. Furthermore, Quinten hates being tickled though it makes him giggle like a little girl. Quinten’s official name is: Obinpeh meaning literally: Nobody wants him. It was not until he came to the Hand in Hand community that this horrible name was changed into Quinten. It wasn’t that no one wanted him for we wanted him at the Hand in Hand Community.
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