Born: 1994
Financial adoption: Mrs. Joke Wittekoek; Fam. P. Jansen, both from Holland. 
Piedu is boy as boy can be! He loves running, playing football, racing his bike, teasing the girls, kicking a ball in the pool as high as he can; he loves music and dancing. Sometimes this playfulness can become a problem because of Piedu’s high energy level. At times he does not know his own limits anymore. It is nice to throw a ball three times quietly, but then he likes to throw harder and wilder. Playing football is nice, but it is much nicer to kick the ball hard and far into the bush. Swimming becomes real fun when you can wet as many children as possible with one splashing dive. So from time to time it is necessary to discipline Piedu. However, despite these problems, Piedu is remarkably social. He pushes Paa Yaw and others in their wheelchair to school, dining room and wherever they have to go. In addition, he always helps Kofi Asare setting up his drums, and makes sure they are cleared away afterwards. With a game Piedu makes sure everybody gets his turn. Piedu is a funny combination of boisterous macho behavior and extreme anxiety. He is wary of everything new. This was even evident during his trip from the orphanage in Accra to our community, a drive of eight hours. Piedu sat on Ineke’s lap with his face buried in her neck and his arms with an iron grip around her shoulders. Eight hours long he did not look anywhere and when he arrived and had to come out of the car he saw a chicken and a goat and some sweet welcoming people and he …screamed all through the night! It took him one week to show his face through the window of his room and a month before he dared to look at a dog. The pool was a no-no area till many months later…and look at him now! Confident and wild! Only…when you take him in the car to a new place, like the restaurant where some of the kids go once a week, he again hides his face in your side and grips your hand till all are seated around the table and he sees the situation is safe again. It makes him very humane and we love him for the boy he is.