Born: 1994      Died: 2019
Peace is the host of the Hand in Hand community. He welcomes every visitor personally and will gladly give a visitor a guided tour of the premises. The visitor should define the length of the tour, because if enthusiastic Peace would do that, it would last all day. Peace was born in the east region of Ghana, between 1993 and 1995. Later he was abandoned and left at the Peace FM radio station in Accra-hence his new name. Peace is hyperactive and loves walking. He is also very fond of talking, especially if other people are also talkingthen Peace provides a background mumble which is sometimes more than a mumble. It is hardly possible to understand him, because his speech is a combination of non-existing words, the language his own tribe speaks and Twi (one of Ghana’s most spoken languages). Peace’s other talents include collecting things; unfortunately many of these items belong to other people. Peace also likes to steal things from his own room, which he shares with Mr. Robert and his caregiver Amoah. That is why Amoah has put a special box in the shower room, so Peace can put back all the things he has taken from his own possessions at night and lock them up safely!
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