Mr Robert

Born: 1955
Mr.Robert occupies a special position within the Hand in Hand community. He is a physically, not mentally handicapped man and he is not an orphan but decided himself that he wanted to live at the Hand in Hand community. Mr. Robert finished secondary school and became a farmer and then a catechist for the Roman Catholic Church. He was not handicapped at that time. At age 31 his knees started to give away. Gradually the paralyzing process reached his chest and arms as well. Father Pieter gave a wheelchair to Mr. Robert and took him to the Hand in Hand community to have a look around and decide whether it was something for him. In 1997, Mr. Robert moved to the Hand in Hand community. Nowadays, he shares a room with Peace and his caregiver Andrews. At the Hand in Hand community, Mr. Robert performs as catechist who usually says grace after the meal and during the Sunday services. He also often functions as the receptionist. He keeps up the daily diary. He sings beautifully. When he arrived in May 1997, Mr. Robert was thought to be at a near terminal stage of the disease but since he arrived the paralysis did thankfully not advance as quickly as expected.
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