Marc Hope

Sponsors: the Hop family, Holland; family Huijgen-Terwindt, Holland

In October 2019 we met a young boy of about 5 years in Kumasi Children’s Home. We immediately felt that this child would be better off in the PCC Community.
He was abandoned by his family a few months before and after being found he was sent to KCH.
When examining him we noticed various scars on his back, most likely signs of maltreatment in the past.
He can’t talk, but is able to make some sounds that help him to indicate what he does like or not.
A few weeks after meeting him in Kumasi we accepted and welcomed him in the Community and gave him a new PCC-name.

Since then he is called Marc Hope, referring to the apostle Marc, but also to a good friend of us who unfortunately passed away in 2019.
His name expresses our hope that PCC can offer him a safe and pleasant place to live and enjoy life, a safe haven where he can be happy to be himself and forget about the bad start of his life.

Marc Hope has a moderate intellectual disability and shows signs of the autistic spectrum.

Therefore he is visiting our room for autistic children every day.

In his own way he tries to make contact with other people and listening to the sounds he then makes he really enjoys it.

It’s obvious that he enjoys his freedom, being able to just run around in PCC and do things as he likes.
He doens’t like sitting quietly at one place, even when eating he prefers to take his bowl and walk away or to go and sit where he feels happy.

He also enjoys the pool very much.

In fact Marc Hope seems to enjoy his whole life in the PCC Community where everyone feels happy with this nice young boy.