M’Afia II

Born: app. 2002

Sponsor: Nieske van der Meer

For M’Afia II we are looking for €75 additional sponsoring. Of course it is possible to sponsor a part of this amount.



A few years ago a girl had been found in Nkoranza, according to onlookers she had been dropped from a car and the car had driven off, but nobody was sure about anything.

Highly predictable of course was the subsequent question of Social Welfare and the Police: could we accept this girl in our community? However, we urged them first of all to look into her case and try to trace this girl’s relatives. However, ultimately this leaded to nothing.

For a couple of years M’Afia II went to Shalom Special School, but during the holidays and especially during the 1st corona year, when all schools were closed, she stayed continuously in PCC.

Because it became very clear that authorities would never find a good solution for M’Afia II, we decided to accept her in PCC as a permanent resident, all for the sake of M’Afia II, as she fell between two stools.

She still goes to Shalom School, but PCC is now her “Home”!

She has a mild intellectual disability, but is able to talk and tell you how she is. Soon after her coming to PCC she got the serious skin disease Stevens-Johnson syndrome, but after some time all healed well.


She is a good friend to M’Afia I and helps cleaning the compound. In general it’s a very quiet and modest girl of about 20 years (in 2022) who enjoys food and accepted her new PCC Home without any problem.