Born: 1994
M’ Adyoa, my Adyoa, is a girl thirteen year old girl. She arrived in our community in November 2005. The way and manner in which she opens her arms for you and asks you to embrace her has probably given her the personal pronoun -my’- to her name. Atuu (Hug me), says M-Adyoa invitingly and we respond by embracing her, over and over again, preferably hours on a stretch! Embrace and smile, smile and embrace! It may be more an expression of compulsive ritual than a heartfelt embrace for M-Adyoa shows signs of autistic behavior as well. Charity is her caregiver. Charity is the hostess and welcomes the guests. Now M’Adyoa walks behind her and joins in the welcoming ceremony. With surrender she whispers: Atuu, embrace me, to the visitors. But at times her mood turns and she says: Away, away, or covers her eyes in fearful anger. That too is part of her emotional makeup and we will probably never know how much is due to her personal situation and early abandonment and how much due to neuro-chemistry. M’Adyoa is lucky living with Charity near to Charity’s kitchen for she loves to eat!
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