Lizzy (Elizabeth)

Sponsor: Lodewijk de Kruijf and Bianca Egberts (Holland)
In October 2015 3 young girls from Kumasi Children’s Home (KCH) came to PCC.
Lizzy was one of them, the eldest, by then about 8 years old.
In August 2015 she was found wandering the streets of Kumasi and therefore brought to KCH and that’s about all we know about her life before coming to PCC.
Lizzy has only a mild intellectual disability and is a very positive and happy girl, always laughing and affectionate. She always likes to join in for activities. Lizzy enjoys little games, music and dancing, good food as well and of course swimming in the pool. She listens very well to her caregiver.
Her adapting to the new surroundings and dealing with the completely different life in our Community went smoothly. She obviously forgot KCH very quick.
The 2 other girls, who came with her from KCJ to PCC, are Esther and Deborah and Lizzy behaves a bit like the big sister of the other 2. She is trying to do so with Miriam as well, who lives with her in one house with her caregiver, but Miriam is not always fond of it.
Lizzy really enjoys visitors to PCC and likes jumping on their lap and hug them, it shows she really feels at home in PCC