Latif Musa

Born: 18.08.1987
Financial adoption: R. Zenke (Ananse), Germany. For Latif we are looking for €75 extra sponsoring (or 3x€25)


Latif is very good at weaving and he enjoys this artisan work very much. He can work on both weaving tables independently. He likes also to help with cleaning the compound every day. He is a very neat person and likes to wear clean clothes every day. Latif is polite and respectful and easily gets along with other people very well. He speaks and understands a little bit of English. Latiff shows autistic behavior. Any changes in the daily routine of his life presents him with a head full of turmoil. A change of plan may leave Latiff confused for a considerable time and needs to be explained over and over again before it is accepted. For Latif things should always be as expected!
The years are passing by and years ago Laif’s father died, but in 2023 also his mother passed away. Though still some family members are trying to see him on and off, many years have passed since Latif came first to the sheltered workshop.

Therefore we have decided by the end of 2023 to accept Latif as a permanent resident in PCC.

He is still very helpful and trying his best in the sheltered workshop, not only with weaving, but also with wood carving. And he is assisting a lot in the main kitchen.

Over the years Latif has become a real member of the PCC Community!