Kwame Agagi

Born: 1992
Kwame loves everything that has to do with music. When you give him a drum, he will drum and drum and drum and drum all day if you let him. He will applaud for himself when he finishes. When he is drumming, he looks very concentrated but will keep an eye on you to see if you will clap with him. When you do, and also sing or make sounds, he will show a wide smile, a real toothpaste smile. When you make sounds, he will answer with the same sound. When you go from high pitched to low pitched he will do the same. This is a lot of fun. When you make other sounds like blowing air through your lips, he will laugh and do the same or try to mimic the sound. He does not talk a lot, and you have to get used to the words he says. He will respond to the question ‘how are you?’ and will say ‘bye-bye’ to everybody he likes when he leaves. At school on Fridays he very much enjoys the physical exercise program. When he is at PCC and you hold his hands and jump up and down, he will join you with a cute face and a beautiful smile. Kwame’s vision is impaired but he is fascinated by light. He always looks into the light or at the reflection of sunrays on the water and sometimes squeezes his eyes and look straight into the sun. His newest hobby is studying all the colors on the computer screen. He almost clings with his nose to the screen. He does not like it when other children put their hands on his drums while he is playing so he will simply slap them or push them away. He loves attention, but can be upset if he has to share the attention with others. His caregiver once said when asked what Kwame had learned that year: “Kwame now knows how to insult other people.” However he holds no grudge and over time his jealousy has reduced. Updated Jan 2010 by Sereh and Ineke)
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