Kwaku Jacob

Born: 2006 or 2007
Financial adoption: Anne de Valk, The Netherlands. For Kwaku Jacob we are looking for €75 additional sponsoring per month. Of course it is possible to sponsor a part of this amount!


Kwaku Jacob was born around 2006/7 and came to Hand in Hand in August 2010. He had been involved in a serious car accident and his mother and all the other passengers were killed on the spot. Efforts to trace any other family members have been unsuccessful.  Initially he was taken to the Osu Children’s Home in Accra and after 3 months came to live at Hand in Hand.

Kwaku Jacob  has an intellectual disability and poor vision but he settled well at PCC and like all our children and young people is much loved.

He is very helpful in carrying the matrasses in- and outside the siesta room.

Kwaku Jacob enjoys the swimming pool, the playground, music and his food. Now he has his own spoon and he loves to use his spoon to eat his meals. Kwaku is very good in pretending he is a car or a donkey, he will make different sounds if you ask him.  He also loves to declaim ABC or Our Father at a party and he will make himself heard loudly!