Kwaku Jacob

Born: 2006 or 2007
Financial adoption: For Kwaku Jacob we are looking for €75 sponsoring per month (or 3 x €25)
Kwaku Jacob is living in Hand in Hand since August 2010 . From his history we only know that he has been involved in a serious car accident in the buurt of Nsawam on the 5th May 2010. His mother and all other passengers died on the spot. Nobody knows where he came from, efforts to trace his family have not been successful . He has afterwards been transferred to the Osu Children Home in Accra and from there he came to PCC after approximately 3 months. Kwaku Jacob is cherished by all caregivers. He is young boy with a lively spirit, with an intellectual disability and moreover he is also suffering from poor vision. Though he is small, he really demands his own place! When a (bigger) child is blocking his way, then he is fully prepared to push that one aside or, if that doesn’t work, he starts to cry in order to get what he wants. He really knows how to hold his own. But we are glad that most of the time he is very happy and full of energy. He really enjoys the swimming pool, the playground, the food and all music in PCC, he is also able to sing nicely! When eating he sits on the table next to Ayim. First he was only using his hands to eat and often we had to feed him. But since he got his own spoon, he feels great using the spoon to eat.