Kojo Joseph

Born: 2003
Financial adoption:


Kojo was found in the bush in August 2006 by local farmers. He was starved and covered with open wounds over his entire body. Initially the King Jesus Charity Home in Kumasi looked after Kojo and at that time he really was a very wild boy. Kojo did not like physical contact and he was very withdrawn and in a world of his own. Since arriving at Hand in Hand in 2008 things have improved for Kojo but he remains a challenging young man for the caregivers.

Kojo gets and needs special attention due to his level of disability and the trauma of his early life. He is very lost in his own world and hard to reach. He does not really understand the other children and is best cared for on a one to one basis. He does enjoy being in the donkey cart and taken around the compound the motion of the cart as it is pulled along appears to be both calming and enjoyable for Kojo. He does  also enjoy running and he LOVES his food. This can be a difficulty as when it is near food time he can cry for it to come quicker. Kojo remains a challenge within our community but he is loved and cared for and has responded to this