Kojo Joseph

Born: 2003
Financial adoption: Sue Hatton, UK; J. Weigel (Ananse), Germany; G. Mulders; Holland.

Kojo was found in the bush on the 14th of august 2006 by local farmers. They phoned the police to say that they had found a dead baby. When the police arrived they saw that he was still alive. Starved and covered with open wounds on his entire body, he was brought to “King Jesus charity home”, Kumasi. At that time he was like a wild animal, he didn’t like physical contact and he was very withdrawn in his own world. Gradually his behaviour has changed. He is now a very happy boy, enjoying his new environment here in PCC. Kojo’s big passion is to run. If you allow him, he will run for hours and make a lot of noise – then he is really happy. When he passes a stone he will sit down, play with it in circles on the ground while shaking his head and making a lot of noise. When you don’t know kojo you might think something is wrong, but he is only enjoying his play. He doesn’t talk and also doesn’t understand you when you are talking to him, but most of the time he reacts when you call his name. The only time you will see Kojo unhappy is right before the meals. He will cry hysterically until the food is in his hands, and he can eat. – Kojo loves food more than anything else. Often Kojo comes and wants your attention. He likes to be carried, sometimes he will sit quietly – he likes touching your face, other times he will be very active, laughing and jumping on you. From the first day he arrived, Kojo has improved a lot. Although he has only been here for a short time, he has already found his place here in PCC.