Kojo Evans

Born: 1980
Financial adoption: N.N.
Kojo Evans is spastic and has trouble with talking, walking and any activity calling for fine motor coordination. In 2000 Kojo underwent major surgery to relieve contractures of one leg and now Kojo can slowly but independently walk with a walking rack. Every day he can be found in the workshop where he is a master in weaving Kente cloth. He is good with beadwork as well. Kojo is intelligent. He knows how to converse, but it takes some time to learn to understand him. Kojo lives semi-independently at the edge of the premises. He likes gardening and so has his own garden where he grows tomatoes, yam, and cucumbers. He sells these products to the kitchen of the Hand in Hand community. Kojo loves the computer and in 2009 he was able to buy his own computer from money earned by selling goods and services as well as his accumulated monthly pay at the workshop. He is learning to read and write and enjoys several computer games. Kojo also appreciates music and Kofi Asare sometimes offers him organ lessons. After work Kojo can often be found listening to his radio or conversing with his friends. Kojo was abandoned along side the road when he was four years old and still remembers this. He has a strong belief that one day his father will come back for him, with money for all the operations in order to become a healthy man. His father will then give him a wife, of which he often dreams.