Born: 1993
Financial adoption: Stephan and Marjan Emons – Bonink; fam. Oostveen; G. Jansen, all from the Netherlands.
Joyce Imagine you are standing somewhere and suddenly from behind two arms embrace you and reach around your body. That must be Joyce! Joyce is very fond of people, especially children! She is a girl that laughs a lot and from pure enthusiasm claps her hands together. Joyce loves the very tasks that are expected from Ghanaian kids of her age especially caring for smaller children but also sweeping and helping with the laundry. Like a real mother she can pick up the small ones and give them such loving looks that you melt. Sometimes she helps getting the small kids out of the pool and dresses them. She loves to take the small Lisa on her lap at the edge op the pool. Joyce herself does not swim because of her asthma. Joyce can sing very well but if she notices that you listen she becomes shy and stops at once. Of course there are things that Joyce does not like such as darkness and new things! She also has an aversion to the school, certainly during the mango-season. Then her little school bench remains empty and Joyce herself is to be found at the mango-trees on our land, usually with a juicy mango in her hand. And does Joyce return to school after the mango season is over? No! For after the mango’s, as you know, the cashew season starts.